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The “Reaper” has awoken from its restless slumber and opening weekend is upon us as Reaper’s Revenge the nation’s premier haunted attraction is geared up and ready to unleash its most immersive, intense spectacle of a show yet! Reaper’s Revenge boasts four must-see attractions; Haunted Hayride, The Lost Carnival, Pitch Black and Sector 13! Rehearsals are complete and this season promises to be the best yet, injecting a new level of intensity and energy into the already first-class show presented each season. Each attraction has undergone extensive upgrades, and improvements with even more scares big-budget special effects, and premier scare acting, which is the heart of Reaper’s Revenge show every season.Photo from Reapers Revenge Haunted Attraction

With numerous surprises and endless scares, that target every nightmare, Reaper’s Revenge over the past eleven seasons has evolved into a must-see entertainment event that strives for industry perfection. What many don’t see, however, is the countless hours and year-round dedication towards making this show the best it can possibly be. For the management, staff, and actors of Reaper’s Revenge, there is no “off-season” and development continue throughout the entire year. From developing targeted marketing plans to constructing one-of-a-kind scares, the “Reaper” perhaps is truly never at rest, just preparing to unleash its next generation of fear.

The continued growth and astounding popularity of Reaper’s Revenge are directly correlated to the talented and passionate team that works year-round to bring this complex production to life. Each week in this blog, we will be featuring a variety of unique “behind the scares” features, interviews, promotional items, character profiles, and season highlights, as well as fan feedback. We will be focusing on the talented crew that devotes their passion, and energy towards the show each evening and beyond.

Photo from Reapers Revenge Haunted AttractionEleven years of constant evolution, and the dedication of some of the most talented haunters in the industry, under the direction of owner Paul Kotran has resulted in an attraction that is ahead of the game in all aspects of professionalism, showmanship, and passion for the industry. Other haunted attractions now compare themselves to Reaper’s Revenge and the respect this show has garnered in such a short period of time is almost unfathomable. The “rise” of Reaper’s Revenge, from a small hayride and dark maze to a horror empire is the result of quality “people” that have been invested in by management and in turn invest themselves into the haunt’s continued commitment (and obsession) to achieve perfection.

Reaper’s Revenge management has set such high standards in show quality that each staff member, supervisor, scare-actor, and support staff are all focused on a single goal of achieving “excellence.” The guest experience is at the center of each performance and Reaper’s Revenge’s philosophy, and operational systems have developed a system in which each staff member is focused on improving the quality of his or her contemporary.

No other attraction has embraced such a confident team approach in which scare-actors can rise in the ranks to become managers, which creates a continuous atmosphere of positive inspiration which cultivates success. All the grandest animatronics, props, and scenes alone cannot replace the power of first-class acting and performance art, which Reaper’s Revenge presents every single show.

The Reaper’s Revenge Experience

Halloween season or as we like to call it “Reaper’s Season” never ends on the mountain and behind the scenes as development never rests. From brand new and enhanced scenes to targeted professional marketing and creative endeavors, Reaper’s Revenge sets the standard in the haunted attraction entertainment industry.

Photo from Reapers Revenge Haunted AttractionAs one approaches the Reaper’s Revenge gates, it is easy to become completely engulfed in an environment that builds fear and anticipation. Reaper’s Revenge is by far the best overall attraction we have visited this season and an attraction that places emphasis on “show quality” over everything else. With over ninety minutes of nonstop entertainment, guests can then enjoy the rest of the evening at the bonfire, with a variety of food options, photo opportunities, and entertainment available each evening. For example, if a scare actor is on a cell phone or takes their mask off or breaks character, even the smallest haunted attractions that are developing, that gives the customer the idea this place is not worthy of their dollar. It is those shows that believe in themselves, take themselves with pride and dignity, again, even in the most challenging situations. While the show is most important, Reaper’s Revenge offers an entire entertainment package and the perfect way to celebrate the season. After over ninety minutes of nonstop entertainment, guests can then enjoy the rest of the evening at the bonfire, with a variety of food options, photo opportunities, and entertainment available each evening.

A collaborative, yet analytical creative and passion-driven approach to management and improvement is what makes Reaper’s Revenge truly special. They have, again, poured their lives and their souls into this attraction, basically, and in the end, have built a show that is one of a kind. Reaper’s Revenge has earned its moniker of “America’s Best Haunted Attraction,” and we cannot wait to see what is in store for this season and beyond!

2019 Pre-Season Industry Accolades

#3 Must Visit Haunted Attraction in United States- Haunt Rater

Top Ten Must SEE Haunted Attraction of 2019- Electroshock Entertainment / Dread Central

#4 Must SEE Haunted Attractions in Pennsylvania- Scare Factor

When should you attend?

“Haunt season” STARTS in September and there is NO BETTER TIME to visit than early in the season! Check Reaper’s Revenge schedule for ticket information!

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