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Get your admission tickets to Reaper’s Revenge!

Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Attraction in Scranton, PA provides scary entertainment during the greater Halloween season.  Pay One Price Ticket includes all four haunt attractions – Individual attraction prices are not available.  Please wear appropriate shoes and clothing.  Ticket purchases at the Haunt ticket booth are cash only. ATM onsite

$45: General Admission Ticket

-available online and at ticket booth

$40: Friday General Admission Ticket (with coupon)

-must print coupon (one coupon per person) and purchase ticket at ticket booth

$35: Sunday General Admission Ticket (with coupon)

-must print coupon (one coupon per person) and purchase ticket at ticket booth

$29: Opening Weekend Special

Throwback pricing!  Valid for Friday 9/20/19 or Saturday 9/21/19 ONLY.  General Admission ticket. Available online only.

$70: VIP Package

General Admission ticket and VIP Upgrade together. Available online and at ticket booth


An additional $25 with your General Admission ticket, available at ticket box only, not available online. Shorten your wait and enjoy the Reaper’s Revenge haunted experience sooner by purchasing a VIP Upgrade at the Reaper’s Revenge Haunt Ticket Booth. Remember, you also need a general admission ticket to be used with your VIP Upgrade.

$150: Behind The Scares Private Tour

For the 2019 Season, Reaper’s Revenge is offering a brand-new opportunity to its guests to GO BEHIND THE SCENES for a daytime tour and VIP access to the evening’s show!   Read more here

Group Rates Available

Groups of 25 or more, find out your group rate and order your tickets online!
Bus groups save on parking! Find a crowd, find a bus and head to Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Attraction! All group members must attend at the same time and payment is required in total for the entire group; individual members of the group are NOT allowed to pay on their own. Group rates are available for online purchase only.

Reaper's Revenge Group Rates 2019

Admission tickets available for Reaper's RevengePARKING: $3

$3 – payable in cash only at the parking lot attendance gate.  Carpool to avoid multiple parking charges.  Please inform the parking attendants if you are just dropping off.


40 shots for $5   A midway style shooting game.


~ Groupon Deal Vouchers – disregard the “register online” instructions on your purchased Groupon Voucher.  Simply bring your printed Groupon Voucher (with barcode) for entrance to Reaper’s Revenge.

~Deal Vouchers purchased from 3rd party vendors MUST have a valid QR/barcode to be scanned at the hayride queue line.  We are NOT able to accept e-mail confirmations without a QR/barcode.   ~  Deal Vouchers are not accepted during blackout dates.  The Blackout dates are clearly listed on the 3rd party vendor purchasing site.  Reaper’s Revenge is not responsible for Deal ticket purchases.  Please contact your vendor for assistance on your purchase.  Please Note:  cell service is VERY spotty at the haunt and we recommend that you download and save to your phone any vouchers or tickets you have purchased.  Please turn your phone brightness up to 100% to help the scanners.  Don’t wait until you get to the haunt to attempt to access cell service.

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