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Reaper’s Revenge 2020 Blog: Review Highlights!

Dread Central Media “Reaper’s Revenge is a night of Halloween adventure, a spectacle that continues even during the most challenging times to grow and evolve.” “Haunted Hayride-For veteran fans of Reaper’s Revenge and new visitors alike, the scope and size of each scene are unfathomable and architecturally a work of art. A spectacular presentation of...

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Reaper’s Revenge 2020 Blog: A Special Feature on the Tractor Driver’s and Support Staff

Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride and Attractions is renowned for its first-class “acting,” larger than life scenes of grandeur, and immersive experience that starts the moment one enters through the ominous gates of “Reaper’s Mountain.” However, when one strips away the special effects, the Hollywood quality scenes and spectacular performances, at the core of this attraction, are the “tractor...

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Reaper’s Revenge 2020 Blog: A Special Feature on the Haunted Hayride!

Reaper’s Revenge Haunted Hayride and Attractions is anchored by its namesake, the famous “Haunted Hayride,” which has received critical acclaim as one of the best “hayride” attractions in the country. A spectacle of larger than life scenes of horror, the “Haunted Hayride” is a staple at Reaper’s Revenge, the core attraction that shines brighter each...

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Reaper’s Revenge 2020 Season Opening Blog!

The “Reaper” has awoken from its restless slumber and opening weekend is upon us as Reaper’s Revenge the nation’s premier haunted attraction is geared up and ready to unleash its most immersive, intense spectacle of a show yet! Reaper’s Revenge boasts three must-see attractions; Haunted Hayride, The Lost Carnival,  and NEW for 2020 Delirium! Rehearsals are...

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