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The Reaper’s Revenge Blog: Special Report Featuring Tweedlebox and Officer Zed!

As Reaper’s Revenge continues into its final weekend, we often wondered what the “characters” thought of the various customers, visitors, and guests that attend each evening. In this edition of the “Reaper’s Revenge Blog” we risked our sanity and faced our fears and hunted down two of the more “prominent” dwellers of the mountain, “TweedleBox” ...

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The Reaper’s Revenge Blog: Return to the Haunted Hayride!

As the 2019 season continues “The Haunted Hayride” at Reaper’s Revenge, has been voted by customers as one of the best attractions, and even the scariest on some evenings. Featuring world-class set designs and scare acting, the haunted hayride is perhaps the most immersive and theatrical show on the mountain. Reapers Revenge has invested heavily...

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