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The Reaper’s Revenge Blog: Special Feature on “The Lost Carnival”

In this edition of the “Reaper’s Revenge Blog,” we are proud to give you insight into the insanity that thrives in the infamous “Lost Carnival” attraction featured at Reaper’s Revenge. “Lost Carnival” is an authentic trip through a twisted nightmare, a crew of circus freaks, and their cohorts that are focused on using their dark...

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The Reaper’s Revenge Blog: A Day in the Life of A Scare Actor

48 hours after my “performance” every bone in my body ached, every muscle was sore and I still was mentally processing what had just occured during my one-and-only performance in “Sector 13…..” For the past twelve years, I have visited practically every major and minor haunted attraction on the east coast. I have had the...

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